About Us

Air Solution Nigeria Limited is an authorized distributor of Atlas Copco products and services in Nigeria under the management of Atlas Copco Nigeria. We have emerged to join forces with our OEM to solve the lagging professionalism in the Nigeria market of compressed air, gas products and services. Air Solution is a one stop establishment for everything about COM air, gas products and services in terms of sales, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training, air network and power audit. We make compressed air cost cheaper over equipment’s life cycle period.

At Air Solution, we provide solutions tailored to solve specific challenges. We deploy tools and competent

personnel to your site for proper check of existing challenges before we offer products that will bring value.

We are also equipped through our Flowmeter and Powermeter to be engaged in periodic air scan/audit that

will enable us provide report of existing air efficiency and power utilization, which you can base your

future investment in compressed air and gas system.

To achieve the prompt and efficient solution that drive down cost, we rely on our highly motivated and

competent sales/service personnel with years of experience in the field. Our employees carefully engage with

human dignity and competence through building a solid support system.

We operate 24/7 to support our esteemed clients to wards zero downtime achievement. Additional

support is also made available through our digital medium such as email, telephone and our customer focused

service application called air app (Please download from play store).

At Air Solution, The sales of our products are tailored to achieve win-win solution. Our proposed products

are not just right but also SMART enough to save cost for our clients, and we on the other hand make profit

that is just enough to keep us successful. Every deal will be closed with a handshake that means happiness

on both sides.

Our Vision

To become the first choice in the field of Compressed Air and Gas in Nigeria

Our Mission

To support our customer with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound) solution.

CEO'S Statement

Air Solution is dedicated to taxiing the aircraft of Compressed Air and Gas unrelentingly in preparation for the great takeoff  that awaits Nigeria industrialization, keeping the existing icons in the industry supported and always offer expert solution through the expertise gained over the years of practice in the industry. 

The solution we offer has helped us to sustain, satisfy and thrive beyond customer expectations in a vast industrial landscape